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Reports & Data

Reports & Data

View the Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Solutions Hub.

Community Health Needs Assessment

A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a report based on epidemiological, qualitative and comparative methods that assess the existence of health issues within a defined community and the health services, gaps and disparities that people may encounter related to those health issues. This CHNA report includes findings, survey results, conclusions and an implementation plan that has been made widely available to the public via Meritus Health, Brook Lane Health Services, Washington County Health Department and Healthy Washington County websites.

The express purpose of the FY2019 CHNA was to complete a comprehensive assessment of the health status and healthcare access needs of residents living in the Washington County healthcare region. The objectives of the assessment include:

  • Review the FY2016 health needs and determine what progress has been made
  • Identify the current health status of community residents to include baseline data for
    benchmarking and assessment purposes
  • Identify the availability of treatment services, strengths, service gaps and opportunities
  • Determine unmet community health needs and target priorities
  • Develop a plan to direct community benefit and allocation of resources to meet
    targeted needs
  • Enhance strategic planning for future services
  • Meet the CHNA requirements for Brook Lane Health Services and Meritus Medical
    Center as not-for-profit hospitals

2019 CHNA

2019 CHNA Appendices

2019 CHNA Fact Sheet

Community Solutions Hub

The Community Solutions Hub for Washington County, Maryland provides a one-stop dashboard of local aggregate data.

Mission: To centralize fragmented Washington County data from diverse social institutions in a convenient location to measure quality of life for residents, monitor progress in their strengths and needs, and ultimately catalyze precise action to achieve community well-being.

Vision: Washington County will become data informed and have the state-of-the-art tools to work together across the region to address shared challenges

Community Solutions Hub