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Healthy Business Challenge

Take the challenge to earn a Healthy Business designation!


Register for the challenge by completing the Basic Business Info page in the document below and submitting it to

Registration is open to all businesses (profit and nonprofit) that have employees and an office/facility in Washington County.

The challenge criteria can be viewed in the document below. Check off each item you implement between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 and describe your activities in the text boxes. At the end of the challenge, submit the form by email to

Healthy Business Challenge Criteria

Challenge Criteria, Registration, and Tracking Form

Download PDF

Healthy Business Challenge

The workplace is a perfect platform for fostering positive behaviors that can improve individual health as well as collective results for the community. The Healthy Business Challenge is a way to support employers to develop wellness plans, implement activities, empower employees to make informed decisions, and create a conducive environment for healthy changes.

There are many motivations for an employer to focus on workplace wellness: reduce health care costs, increase productivity and employee morale, and decrease absenteeism and presenteeism. For many business owners, investing in their employee’s health is more than just a return on investment. They truly care about their employees’ well-being. A good place to start when implementing workplace wellness activities is to get feedback from employees about their needs and interests.

Challenge criteria have been developed in three categories: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Overall Wellness. Businesses can select criteria they plan to implement from these lists or create their own ideas. The challenge is annual, so workplaces can build on their offerings each year.
All businesses achieving a minimum of 10 points/category will receive a Healthy Business designation.

The challenge runs January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020. There are four size categories: very small (1-24 employees), small (25-99 employees), medium (100-399 employees), and large (400+ employees). After the challenge, awards will be presented to those businesses achieving the highest number of points in each size category and that go above and beyond in creating a healthier business environment.

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Person at or 240-313-3357.