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Chronic Conditions

Resources, support groups and other tools for managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure.

Classes & Workshops

Visit our Events Page for more classes, workshops, and events.

Living Well Workshops

Details on the Living Well Workshops hosted by Meritus Health. Topics covered include diabetes, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.

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National Diabetes Prevention Program

Details on the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Offered by the Washington County Health Department, Meritus Health, and the Washington County Commission on Aging.

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Tools & Action Plans

Find a Pharmacy

A map of every pharmacy in Washington County.

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Find a Blood Pressure Kiosk

A list of places to get your blood pressure screened in Washington County.

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Blood Pressure Action Plan

A printable guide and worksheet to help you manage your blood pressure at home.

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CHF Action Plan

A printable guide for managing your congestive heart failure at home.

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COPD Action Plan

A printable worksheet for managing your COPD and medications at home.

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Diabetes Action Plan

A printable worksheet for managing diabetes symptoms and medications at home.

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Adherence Estimator Tool

Survey that helps you identify if a loved one may be at risk for medication nonadherence.

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Vaccines & Flu Shot Information

Vaccination is available through your healthcare provider and at most pharmacies. Most insurance covers vaccinations. Walmart offers vaccines for Shingles, Pneumonia, and TDAP all year long. Flu shots can be given anytime after August 20th.

CDC Vaccination Schedule (for Adults)

A chart that lists the CDC's recommended vaccines, and when to get them. Intended for ages 19 and over.

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Vaccines for Your Children

Learn what vaccines your children may need and why vaccines are important for your child's health.

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CDC Vaccine Quiz (for Adults)

A self-assessment to find out which vaccines you may need.

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Vaccine Questionnaire (for Adults)

A printable questionnaire for you to help your doctor determine which vaccines you may need.

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